Charlie Walks: A Novel by Daniel Bourke

This is the homepage for Charlie Walks, the debut novel by Daniel Bourke.

release date: Out now! Digital copy available for purchase via Gumroad

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What's it about?

Here's the blurb:

Charlie's a funambulist, a tightrope walker, walking between head and heart between city and nature between a good path and a real path a known path and his own between being a hider and being a seeker between life and death living and dying one option and another another another. The trick is, there's always more than two options. That's where XK-1 comes in. Charlie's secret project. A computer program that shows you what you're supposed to see but can't imagine. A machine learning engineer at the biggest technology company in the world who wants to be a writer. Writing letters to his nephew Pauly. Stories from his past from his present from loving from longing from wandering from walking, step by step creating his own story.

Sample chapters

The first seven chapters are available to read online for free. They're a good indication to whether you'd like the book or not. The style, the pacing.

There's also a video version of Daniel Bourke reading the first 42 pages (16 chapters) out loud available on YouTube.

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