Another day downtown.

Sarah decided to move overseas. Germany. I’d read writers go to France. The two are close. Where do writers who are technology nerds go?

Back to the problem. I was stuck. I liked where I worked but I liked working on my own project more.

Stay at a large company with all the benefits and comforts a large company can offer or leave and start my own? Two selfish choices. Of course I wanted the best for me. Doesn’t everyone?

I turned it into a story. Two roads. One, into town, well explored, known. The other, out, newfound land or complete ruin. And door number three? Well, I can’t reveal all of my tricks yet.

My issue?

Patience. All the songs talk about wanting something, longing for it. Then when they get it, the songs revert back to the journey.

In my head I was a writer and founder of a company. Charlie the writer, Charlie the company of one. Did I just say that? Yes. Really? Yes. That sounds good, doesn’t it? Real good.

Did other people think these things? Of course they did. Except tragically many of them never leave the warmup phase.

The lady with the badge came down and said hello and we walked over to the elevators. The doors closed in and my fun thought experiment went silent.


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